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Gelcoat and paint repair services for boats on the River Thames.
Hull Gel

Your premier boat repair, restoration and surface maintenance experts, dealing with all aspects of boat cosmetic maintenance.

We have over 30 years experience in restoring boats. Hull Gel specialises in gelcoat and paint repairs, refurbishing, polishing and protecting high-value luxury motor cruisers. Whether cruising the River Thames or exploring marinas along the South Coast, Hull Gel is your go-to choice for superior service.

A new boat with a red ribbon wrapped around it
The bow of a dutch steel cruiser on the river

We offer colour matched paint repairs for your boat, dealing with chips, scuffs, thin paint, rust, crazing and other defects. 


Our speciality lies in achieving flawless colour matching in gelcoat repairs, but if you prefer to handle repairs on your own or with your own professional, we can also provide colour matching as a separate service.

Boat gelcoat with a repair mid-stage

Colour-matched gelcoat repair services that restore the finish of your boat. Achieving flawless colour matching in gelcoat repairs is our specialty.

A water droplet running down a slope

Protect your boat's finish with our advanced ceramic sealing and hydrophobic coating applications, adding a layer of defence against the elements.

A machine polisher with a yellow soft wool pad next to shiny gelcoat

We are passionate about pursuing the ultimate surface, and our surface correction procedures are designed to eliminate imperfections, enhancing the overall look and feel of your boat.

Underneath a boat including antifouling and a shiny prop

Ensure optimal performance by keeping your vessel's hull free from marine growth with our expert antifouling services.

From a small gel coat repair to a complete cosmetic overhaul of your boat, see more of the services we offer.

We provide our boat restoration and protection services in the following marinas:  


Hull Gel operates on the River Thames and provides boat repair services to many marinas in the vicinity, including:


Fully Mobile Operation: 

Hull Gel is fully mobile with a well-furnished workshop containing the latest tools and the highest quality products. Ensuring we can meet your boat's restoration and maintenance needs with convenience and expertise.

At Hull Gel, we're passionate about bringing out the best in your luxury motor cruiser. Trust us to deliver excellence in every restoration and maintenance service we provide.

Let's chat.

We can discuss your needs and options without obligation or expectations.

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