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Expert Cosmetic Inspection for Your Boat Surfaces

Are you considering purchasing a boat and want a comprehensive understanding of its cosmetic condition? Hull Gel offers professional visual inspection reports that complimant a standard marine survey, providing valuable insights into the aesthetics and maintenance needs of your vessel. Our meticulous examination covers various aspects regarding condition, ensuring you make an informed decision about your investment, or offers you a game plan for refurbishment.


Unveiling the Beauty: The Importance of a Visual Inspection Report

When considering the purchase of a boat, it's essential to delve beyond the surface. Hull Gel's Cosmetic Inspection Reports offer a comprehensive visual assessment of a boat's cosmetic condition, providing valuable insights for potential buyers.

The Visual Inspection Advantage

In addition to a standard marine survey, our Visual Inspection Reports focus on the aesthetic aspects, bringing attention to potential issues such as gelcoat repairs, oxidation, UV damage, cleaning damage, crazing gelcoat, manufacturer defects, thin gelcoat, and paint abnormalities.

Tailored Insights for Different Environments

As an example of the importance of having a cosmetic survey:

Consider two boats: one nestled on the serene River Thames in England, with its cooler temperatures and lower UV index, and the other imported from the Mediterranean, exposed to intense UV factors and scorching temperatures. Our reports highlight how environmental differences may have impacted gelcoat longevity and current condition.

However, you'd be forgiven for making the assumtion that the Med boat would have  just because a boat has spent its life in the med does mean that the current condition is poor, it is much harder to maintain a boat in the Med true, but neglect is far more harsh than environmental considerations, the boat in the Med may have been very well maintained and the UK boat neglected.

This is just one example of why a cosmetic report might be of value to you. A cosmetic report is to discover the true current condition of all the surfaces, if there are any defects in the manufacturing process, or cleaning methods used that complicate future refurbishment and maintenance of the cosmetics.

The picture above just looks like pepper, or very tiny dots on the gelcoat that could be mistaken for dirt/dust with the naked eye, (nothing to worry about) however closer inspection with magnification reveals a manufacturing defect of the gelcoat that will prove to be a big problem when it comes to protecting and maintaining the surfaces. This type of defect although not common is an expensive repair and one that the owner wished he'd known about prior to his purchase.
The picture below could well be mistaken for a few scratches that will buff or sand out, however the crazing on this gelcoat will most likely need removal. This defect is less common on modern gelcoats, but is common around sink outlets and exhausts, where temperature differences affect the gelcoat. 

Our reports meticulously cover manufacturer defects, potential thin gelcoat etc.

The Synergy of Reports: Cosmetic vs. Marine Survey

Why a Visual Inspection Report Can't Replace a Marine Survey

While a Cosmetic Inspection Report is helpful for cosmetic nuances, it doesn't replace the information that is provided from a quality marine survey.

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