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Our approach to work.

What can you expect from Hull Gel?

A guide to our boat services, outlining what you can expect at each stage, from initial contact to completion.

Upon your initial contact, you will discover that our approach to work is straightforward. We conduct an inspection of your boat, providing you with a comprehensive report outlining the necessary steps for addressing your requests. Once we agree on the tasks required and establish a start-to-completion timeline, a 25% deposit secures your spot in our schedule.

Throughout the work process, we meticulously document each step with high-quality photos, keeping you informed and involved in the transformation of your vessel. Your peace of mind is paramount, and our commitment to transparency is evident in our detailed progress updates.

Upon completion of the work, we present you with the finished masterpiece. Only then is the remaining payment due, ensuring your satisfaction with the final results before finalising the transaction.

motor cruising boat with red ribbon wrapped around it

When contemplating whom to select for boat restoration services, be it for a minor repair or a comprehensive restoration, you are likely to have the following questions in mind:

Can you provide the level of finish that I require?

Rest assured, at Hull Gel, we excel in delivering exceptional surfaces. We are passionate about achieving surfaces of unparalleled quality, taking pride in surpassing the original factory finish. We strive for near perfection in clarity before incorporating protective measures. While many are content with factory-level finishes, some seek a level of excellence beyond the ordinary.

Can you provide value for money?

The optimal value for money is often defined by the most advantageous combination of cost, quality, and sustainability to meet customer requirements. We recognise the importance of budget constraints, and understanding the value of hard-earned money. Regardless of income, we appreciate the need for financial prudence. It's crucial to have a clear understanding of costs aligned with your desired outcome. Drawing from extensive experience working with numerous boat owners over the decades, we possess insights into your wants and needs, effectively matching budgets to outcomes. While we may not be the most economical option in terms of initial outlay, we take pride in offering excellent value for money.

Will your work come with a guarantee?

Absolutely. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Will you fulfil your commitments and complete the work on time?

Yes, unequivocally. We often operate under deadlines, whether it's launching the boat for a special occasion or returning to home moorings before lock closures. Our commitment is to consistently meet our promises. Meticulous planning has ensured that meeting deadlines has never been an issue. For projects or tasks contingent on weather conditions with a specified completion date, we opt for working within a tented environment, providing us control over the surroundings.

Let's chat.

We can discuss your needs and options without obligation or expectations.

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