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About us

We are Hull Gel, a small but motivatated company providing boat restoration services on the River Thames.

Tony Carlow on the River Thames

Led by the founder and technician, Tony Carlow, who would be the sole person working on your boat, our company has decades of experience in boat restoration.

Tony Carlow set about forming a small company that focuses on restoration and enhancing solutions.

Our mission is to provide luxury motorboat owners with the ability to elevate their vessel to the next level in aesthetics. This service may include anything from gelcoat repair to a comprehensive cosmetic overhaul.

We have a passion for before-and-after transformations and love to share knowledge with owners on how to care for their vessel. Our goal is to help achieve the highest levels of durability and make regular maintenance washes as easy and environmentally safe as possible.

Let's chat.

We can discuss your needs and options without obligation or expectations.

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